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The Electrohomoeopathy TreamentNatural.Cure.No side Effect.

Who We Are

“Biome Spagyrics” not merely a company but a concept, committed to re-introducing the lost and forbidden wealth of the Health in the light of modern technologies & inventions. We are the forerunners in India for introducing the “Spagyric Essences” based on the Indigenous and Exotic Medicinal Flora.

BIOME About UsWhat we have understood from Spagyrics till now:
Our health is whatever we eat. Alchemy says Human health is the right proportion of three Alchemy philosophical elements viz. Sulphur, Salt and Mercury and imbalance of the same leads to the manifestation of ill-health called Dis-eases. These three elements too responsible for the major three worldwide constitutions of the Human population knows as Lymphatic, Sanguine and Mixed respectively.

‘Count Cesare Mattei’ (Founder of Electrohomoeopathy) practised on this concept of healing in the 19th Century and developed a new method of healing termed as’Electrohomoeopathy’ which is in actual, an art of healing of constitute on followed by the healing of the organ and finally palliative remedies.

We are making the “Spagyrics” as per the G.H.P. and the method used by Count Mattei to make his Spagyric vegetable essences at his time.

The main purpose of healing through Spagyrics is to restore the imbalance of the three philosophically Alchemy elements which in modern science known as ‘Aromatic Compounds’: {(Sulphur), Low molecular weight organic molecules (Mercury) and Minerals (Salt) found in our human body and its cells in a balanced proportion.}

We are keenly interested to give the medical world: another easy and effective result and evidence oriented concept of healing so that the natural stamina and good health of the people around the world can be re-achieved in this commercialised world on the grounds of scientific logics.

Our Group Of Experts

Dr Ajit Singh (Managing Director)

Dr Ajit Singh working in the field of Spagyrics for last 10 years and he had examined the process in depth and find out it is quite possible to balance all types of sickness by giving the right selective herbs Spagyrics to the sick human being. He is well acquainted with many Spagyrist and get formal training from one of the great masters of Spagyric in Italy Prof. Luigi Vernaccia. He also revived and introduce the unique art of diagnosis of IRIS Analysis in India with the help of world-renowned Iridologist Mr.John Andrew. The subject was often discussed with Dr.Fabio Ambrosi, a Naturopath from Italy to consider and spread it as the way of diagnosis in Electrohomeopathy Medical System.

Dr Ajit is trying to work on the concept-oriented remedies so that the art of healing become inexpensive and free from all hits and trials. His some articles to publish in the leading magazine of the Alchemy Journal. He has conducted his lectures in many countries like Italy, German, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, UAE, Sweden, Norway and continue in his efforts. His vision is to re-establish the forbidden methodology and ancient sciences and medical research in the light of modern technology.

Dr.Nilesh Thawarey (Deputy Managing Director)

Dr Nilesh Thawarey practising Spagyrics Electrohomeopathy for last 18 years and now he has dedicated his life to the promotion of his noble science in the coordination of Dr Ajit Singh. He has a huge practical experience to sort out the incredible situations of sickness with the solution of Spagyrics.

Dr Jagdeep Singh (Director Planning)

Dr Jagdeep Singh being the Managing Director of Jugs Remedies Pvt.Ltd. is also supporting Dr Ajit’smission and he is also designated as the Director-Planning for BIOME SPAGYRICS PVT. LTD. He has the marketing experience of last 20 years in this field and with his futuristic vision now we are getting the opportunities to market the products in European and Asian countries too.

Our Associates
  1. Haus Biotech (USA)
  2. Jugs Remedies Pvt. Ltd. (India)
  3. EHA (UK)
  4. Saphire Multitrade (India)
  5. Jivdhara Institute (India)
  6. John Andrew IRIS Centre (UK)
  7. ERDO (India)
  8. ECH (UK)
  9. Dr Usman Baloch (Pakistan)
  10. IRIS Analysis (India )

We would like to say thanks to all our well-wishers and critics who started with us as a founder member and advisors but left away from the journey due to unavoidable reasons. The journey is a Mission and it continues so let’s put our steps forward towards the infinite…