Common Name(s):Southernwood

Categories:HerbsPerennialsPoisonous Plants

Description:Fragrant, herbaceous perennial; leaves silvery-green, alternate, finely divided into blunt, narrow segments with silvery hairs on both sides; flowers small, drooping, greenish-yellow

Light:Sun, well-drained soil

Height:4 ft.

Space:18 in.


Propagation:Stem cuttings, division

Poison Part:All partsPoison Delivery

Mode:IngestionSymptoms:In the form of absinthe, an outlawed beverage, it can cause forgetfulness, delirium, convulsions, and brain damageToxic

Principle:A monoterpene thujone

Severity:TOXIC ONLY IF LARGE QUANTITIES EATEN.Found in:Weedy in disturbed areas, naturalized in waste places in northern US; landscape as cultivated ornamentals

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